ONE is a flexible solution for content distributors to screen content & engage with buyers, ultimately increasing distribution demand.

Bespoke Website Design

A fully responsive portal that allows users to intelligently browse your entire catalogue. ONE was created with buyers in mind and everything possible has been done to ensure their experience is one of ease and enjoyment.

  • Catalogues available to browse online
  • Premium content made available to certain buyers
  • Sophisticated search functionality
  • Buyers & Distributors can create and share programme lists
  • Fully integrated into any video hosting platform

Marketing Screening Application

The iPad screening application for both distributions and buyers allows content to be browsed anywhere at any time. Screen content easily at market and on the move, with all buyer activity automatically syncing to the database when next online.

  • Automatic database synchronisation
  • Download videos to watch offline
  • Stream video to television screen using Chromecast
  • No need for additional servers or hardware
  • Bidirectional sync

Buyer Insights

ONE’s extensive reporting provides marketing and sales teams with in-depth insights on buyer activity. With so many moving parts, especially while engaging multiple buyers, it can be extremely difficult for sales teams to keep on top of their buyers. With this in mind, we created an “at a glance” view of buyer behaviour prior to engaging.

  • Reporting dashboard for overview
  • See what buyers are watching, sharing & liking within your system
  • Understand what buyers are searching for by genre, length of show, country etc
  • Additional reporting available tailored to your business and team’s requirements during scoping sessions

Meeting Efficiency

Meeting at market is expensive; the more that can be done in a day, the more justified the investment. With the Meeting Manager, every time slot is maximised to its full potential.

  • Efficient check in and notification service
  • Access customer notes
  • Track meeting screenings
  • Automatic email follow ups to buyers
  • Arrival notification
  • Auto CRM updates

Total CMS control

Content management will always be one of the biggest challenges for a busy marketing team, which is why we’ve created a powerful backend system that is both easy to maintain and powerful enough to ensure each browsing experience is personalised and relevant.

  • Manage programmes and assets in one place
  • Manage language full metadata
  • Easily edit programme details and metadata
  • Intuitive system requiring minimal training
  • Add videos to episodes from cloud storage

Personalised Buyer Experience

By tracking your customer’s journey on the site, the ONE system is able to learn about their browsing behaviour and, through intelligent relationships, deliver relevant and related content to keep them engaged and offer up more choice without the need to search by specifics.

This is great for customers and, more importantly, offers your sales teams valuable insights into the content that matters most to your buyers, enabling them to be more efficient and proactive when the time comes to talk directly.

  • Buyers see content relevant to their interests
  • In-depth insights on what buyers are watching, liking and sharing
  • Buyers can also screen offline

Effortless Searching

One of the key features to success with the ONE system is allowing your customers to find the content in your catalogue quickly and easily. Taking the metadata from each of the programmes, ONE provides buyers with a rich search functionality, allowing deep filtering of data to find the exact programme information they require by name, category or genre. Search by:

  • Genre
  • Number of production years
  • Number of series
  • Intuitive free text search

Dynamic and Shareable Lists

ONE’s list functionality opens up an array of options for both buying and distribution teams. Buyers can create lists of programmes for access in the future and have the ability to share their programme lists with other people in their organisations. Distribution teams can assign lists to a meeting or to a client for access either during a meeting, or remotely.

  • Shareable link for recipients without app access
  • Buyers can indicate likes and dislikes on list
  • Add programmes, series or individual episode videos to lists
  • Create global lists for marketers to share with entire sales team

Offline Access

Buyers can watch episodes or promos on the desktop site, pick things back up on their iPad application and even download content to watch offline. This leaves content accessible to them regardless of their location or connectivity. Sales teams can update the built in ONE CRM whilst offline, with all activity syncing to the main website when connectivity is restored.

  • Download episodes to watch offline
  • Viewing data synced back to system when next connected
  • Create and share lists offline

Integrated into your own systems

ONE allows you to use your existing video platform provider, enabling users to add and manage videos quickly. Usually this is as simple as adding a unique video ID number to the relevant programme page through the admin panel.

  • No need to change video provider
  • Intuitive integration