Seamless Screening for A+E Networks

A+E Networks is a leading content distributor with a vast catalogue of well-known titles including Storage Wars and Knightfall. The team at A+E were acutely aware that their website did not create an impact so, following an extensive redesign of their stand at MIP, Rawnet’s brief was to create a website and application that would enhance the buyers’ experience on their stand, and reflect the high quality of content they distribute.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

A+E highlighted a few challenges they were looking to address

  • Poor user experience on their sales website, not a good reflection of their content
  • Website and application not integrated, creating duplicate work when preparing for markets
  • No ability to make any changes at market

The Solution

Our focus was to provide a seamless user experience for both the A+E sales team and their buyers, which we achieved through a freshly designed website and a fully integrated application.

Our creative team provided the new design for A+E’s sales site and worked closely alongside their in-house development team while they brought the concept to life. Simultaneously we built a screening app, which allows the sales team to showcase their content with ease. To enable the team to access their 6000+ hours worth of content, they have a local server that runs on stand and stores all video.

Any changes made to the main website are instantaneously synced through to the application, making last-minute updates and changes at market stress-free. A+E has a fast internal wifi network and thanks to ONE, they can now stream 20 videos concurrently without buffering. Videos can also be downloaded for use off the stand, meaning sales teams can seamlessly screen content wherever they are.

The Results

A+E’s sales team are now armed with a robust solution that allows them to access their entire catalogue remotely and seamlessly screen video with or without internet connection.

The Results

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