Everything in ONE place

ONE's vast functionality centres around discovery, engagement, automation, accelerated sales & efficiency.

More than just a screening solution

ONE was built around the requirements of busy sales and marketing teams. It's used by many leading distribution companies to manage their websites, full catalogues and screening applications from one intuitive content management system, saving time for busy distributors. However, it's much more than just a catalogue and screening solution.

Buyers expect to find catalogues and screenings online. ONE goes beyond that to encompass features such as personalised content recommendations, a meeting manager and buyer engagement & intent reports & alerts, empowering distribution teams with the information they need to build better relationships with their buyers and ultimately sell more content.

Sales Website

ONE is simple to manage for distributors and enjoyable to browse for buyers.

  • Manage permissions
  • Search and filter functionality
  • Full catalogue management
  • Integrations into any video hosting platform or rights management system

iOS Application

The iPad application seamlessly integrates into the website, syncing any changes in real time.

  • Full catalogue access
  • Screen on the go and offline
  • Manage meetings
  • Ideal solution on the go & at markets

Buyer Insights

Actionable buyer insights help make the sales process more tailored and efficient.

  • Videos watched, liked & shared
  • Lists created & shared
  • Most downloaded programmes
  • Top viewed genres

Meeting Manager

Streamline sales meetings with ONE's Meeting Manager.

  • Efficient check-in and notification service
  • Add pre and post meeting notes and video playlists to meetings
  • Automatic email follow-ups to buyers

Dynamic Lists

Create and share global or personal programme lists.

  • Sales - create tailored lists for buyers
  • Buyers - mark programmes of interest & share lists
  • Marketing - create & share global lists 

Content Management

An intuitive content management experience with no technical knowledge required.

  • Build bespoke web pages
  • Create and manage programmes, series & episodes
  • Add assets to programmes and series

How do I get ONE? What's involved?

Book a demo to see how ONE could help revolutionise the way you sell content.